I can offer you consulting and engineering services from electronics development, PCB layout, FPGA engineering as well as firmware development and software engineering.

If you have some project where you think that my set of skille might be useful, don’t hesitate to contact me via E-Mail under consulting (at) felixheld (dot) de.

I currently have my office in Karlsruhe, Germany. If necessary I can offer to occasionally work on site for a week, but not for a much longer contiguous time.

FPGA development

I have worked on multiple projects involving Field Programmable Gate Arrays. I mostly use VHDL, but I have also worked with the python Frameworks Migen and LiteX.

Software / Firmware development

I have worked on multiple Firmware and embedded Software projects. The programming languages I mostly use are C and Python.


I am a certified coreboot consultant and can offer consulting and engineering services for coreboot-based firmware and board support.

Hardware development

I can offer electronics design services for mostly digital embedded systems involving FPGAs, microcontrollers -processors, DDR3 RAM and USB3.

Reverse Engineering

I can also offer reverse engineering services for compatibility reasons including writing drivers or firmware updaters for different devices to use under Linux. Please don’t contact me for projects involving copy protection or DRM circumvention, since I can’t and won’t work on those.